Mission Statement

Rutgers Intelligent Transportation Systems (RITS) Laboratory is a multi-modal transportation infrastructure research and education facility combining a series of new concepts, technologies and services to integrate information, vehicles and transportation infrastructure to increase mobility, safety and comfort, and reduce energy waste and pollution. Since its inception, RITS has been a collaborative effort between the University, state and federal governments, and industry. Director: Kaan Ozbay @ http://www.rci.rutgers.edu/~kaan/

Integrative Freight Demand Management in the NYC Metro Area Final Report Available

United States Department of Transportation research project "Integrative Freight Demand Management in the New York City Metropolitan Area" Final Report now available at http://transp.rpi.edu/~usdotp/index.shtml

RITS Toll Plaza Simulation Model

RITS Researchers are developed a state-of-the-art simulation model for Union Toll Plaza using advanced techniques.

RITS Lab presented two projects at Annual Research Showcase

On October 21st 2010, RITS lab researchers received the "3rd NJDOT Research Implementation Award" and gave two presentations at the 12th NJDOT Annual Research Showcase

Dr.Ozbay and his Team Complete NYMTC Data Project

The project funded by NYMTC and UTRC and titled “Improvements on NYMTC Data Productswas completed and the final report was published on Nov 11, 2009.