Lecture on "Floating Car Data (FCD) Collection and Applications in China" by Dr.Xiaohong Chen


"Floating Car Data (FCD) Collection and Applications in China"

Dr.Xiaohong Chen, Ph.D.


School of Transportation Engineering in Tongji University, Shanghai


Location: CoRE Lecture Hall, Busch Campus

Date-Time: Friday May 25th, 2012 at 2:00 p.m.

Host: Professor Kaan Ozbay, ICS


Abstract: Floating Car Data (FCD) is an important data source to measure and evaluate up-to-date traffic conditions. In this lecture, Dr. Chen will firstly share some empirical experiences about FCD data collection, quality and measures in several cities (Shenzhen, Hangzhou and Shanghai) in China. Then she will present several applications based on FCD, including traffic state estimation and dissemination, highway safety analysis and vehicle emission analysis.


Bio: Dr.Chen is currently a full Professor in the School of Transportation Engineering in Tongji University, Shanghai. She is also the lead professor for Green Transportation Program at UNEP-Tongji Institute of Environment for Sustainable Development, Shanghai. During 2007-2008, she was a visiting professor in the department of civil and environmental engineering at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA.


She authored a book titled "Urban Passenger Transport System", co-edited two national and one shanghai technical standards/manuals, published more than 100 papers in referred journals & conference proceedings and numerous research reports. Her recent research activities are transportation system planning in metropolitan area and rapidly urbanizing regions, multi-mode transit system planning and applications, transportation research for the World Exposition 2010 (EXPO 2010 Shanghai), and data-driven transportation planning and policy.