NJ Turnpike PARAMICS Micro-simulation network & Jersey City/Manhattan extension

Model Features

 ¨  Network has been developed and calibrated using real data since 2005

 ¨  Simulation network can be used for any day between Jan 1, 2004 and August 31, 2010

 ¨  Used to model regular operations as well as impacts of proposed construction projects & to estimate of effects of incidents/accidents



Calibrated Toll Plaza Models with Realistic Lane Choice Behavior




Network Coverage

 ¨ NJ Turnpike Mainline & I-78/Newark Bay Extension

 ¨ Lincoln & Holland Tunnels

 ¨ Alternatives to Manhattan crossings including US1&9/Pulaski Skyway & NJ-495

 ¨ Downtown Jersey City street network



¨ NJTA Electronic toll collection database used to generate realistic vehicular traffic

 ¨ NJDOT, Port Authority, JCDOT & other data for volumes, signals, etc.

 ¨ INRIX GPS speed data used for network calibration

 ¨ NJRTM-E & NYBPM model output used for supplementary input data