This innovative research project develops and forecasts the effects of an off-peak freight delivery system for the New York City borough of Manhattan. As part of the project the following concepts are studied:
  • Smart phones provided to carriers would enable monitoring, dynamic pricing, gather data for freight modeling and traffic simulation, and verify compliance.

  • Time of day pricing would help achieve FDM’s and revenue generation objectives. The revenues produced by time of day pricing would be used to:

  • (1) provide tax deductions to receivers and large freight traffic generators willing to do off-peak deliveries

    (2) financially support the proposed system.


  • The dynamic data provided by the GPS smart phones will be used to support freight transportation modeling research, as well as network traffic simulation. The dynamic data about network conditions shared with the companies would enable dynamic fleet management at a fraction of the cost of alternative systems.

  • The project, when fully deployed, would:

  • (1) induce a significant shift of truck traffic to off-peak hours (in some industry segments, reaching 20%)

    (2) bring about significant improvements in traffic and environmental conditions increase NYC competitiveness via tax deductions to businesses, productivity increases from reduced congestion, and reductions in parking fines (that frequently exceed $1,000/month per truck per month)

As part of the project team, RITS lab researchers are forecasting the traffic effects of the proposed off-hour delivery program and studying pricing initiatives for the New York City Metropolitan Area.